Group Therapy

A New Dawning – Recovery Group

Whether you are the greenest of green or quite seasoned we have the addiction group for you! Come hear speakers, share your story, and learn more in depth about your triggers for use and various coping skills that can be helpful. We are waiting for you and remember every day is a chance to start again!

The Family Tree- Addiction Family Support

Ugh…do you need a break? Are you overwhelmed or feel like you have reached your own end?? Learn how to respond to a loved one’s substance use in a healthy way AND take care of yourself. Understanding of the core concepts of the recovery cycle, learn specific problem-solving skills and coping mechanisms. Come away with books, movies, and resources that can be helpful. Learn how to communicate in a more effective way with your loved ones. Understand the cycle of grief, various communication styles, and role play so you can feel more prepared to face upcoming situation or conversations.

The Den- Anxiety Support Group 

We have been facing some tough times… stress related to COVID-19 as well as loss of finance and other stressors can be triggering and re-energize poor coping behaviors. This group is designed to be a safe space where you can share your fears in a neutral setting and learn tools to decrease and manage anxiety.

Women’s Circle:

Empowered women, empower women. This group is a chance for women to come together and support other women. It is a safe space to talk about things that they wouldn’t otherwise talk about. We will also focus on some mindfulness techniques that will allow you to feel centered, take some time for yourself and decompress. The idea is that you will leave feeling ready to conquer anything life throws at you!

Young Women’s Empowerment Group:

Group therapy and creative alternative therapy during a two hour session geared towards young women and adolescent girls. Topics include effective communication, body image, self-esteem and putting a stop to bullying. Super supportive environment for a difficult time period.


Have you experienced a traumatic event and feel like you cannot find anyone who can relate to your experiences? Traumatic events have the potential to take a toll on one’s everyday living as they struggle to cope with their experiences. While recovering from trauma, individual therapy can seem intimidating as most therapies ask for individual’s to focus on triggers and to recall the details of the traumatic event. I offer a group that allows individuals to therapeutically share their stories only if they feel comfortable and are ready to. The purpose of joining together in group is to explore ideas with one another on how to feel empowered and regain control of life as it has come to be. Mindfulness exercises will be included so that a sense of presence and self-recognition can help bring greater awareness into the present and pull away from the rumination of the past.


Grief comes in many forms and has no definitive amount of time per individual. Being able to process any type of loss can be difficult to express and even more difficult to move on from. By joining a group which focuses on grief we could identify the effects of rumination, how our grief effects our lives and relationships, and how to successfully mourn the loss. As a group, individuals are able to create goals that accept loss without forgetting it. Coming together as a group can help to increase resiliency in returning to the normalcies of life while knowing that there is a powerful support system for when the going gets tough. The processes of grief and loss can be explained so the individual can become more self aware of their own process and that it is not as lonely as it may seem.

Anxiety and Depression Support Group for Adults

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults in the United States age 18 and older, or 18.1% of the population every year. More often than not, it goes hand in hand with depression. This group is for those that struggle with Depression and Anxiety and want to feel supported in a group setting with others who are battling as well. It is a chance to process some of those emotions, discuss challenging situations and receive support.


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